Online Marketing Services for Restaurants

Menu Mix Marketing offers an array of services and products for your marketing initiatives:

Pay-Per-Click Management:
We'll use our expertise in pay-per-click management to bring the highest quality traffic to your website. With over a decade of experience, you'll get in-dept keyword research, bidding strategies, and improvement to your ROI.
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Search Engine Optimization:
One of the biggest problems with websites is that while trying to implement the most creative form and most reliable function, often these basic structures of the sites are not search engine friendly. You wouldn't spend your money decorating a building that wasn't fully completed, would you? Well, that is how you need to look at your website. With each redesign you need to factor in the "searchability" of your site. Menu Mix Marketing will work with your web designers to take your site to the next level while preserving the design, feel and intent of your site.
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Social Media Consulting:

So you have a blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter account for your restuarant. But are you reaching the maximum and best targeted audience? Have you developed a system to add fresh content to all of your social networks without having the spend too much of your valuable time and resources? 
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Food Review Sites:
The Yellow Pages are no longer where people turn for a new restaurant idea. Instead, they are turning to a number of food review sites for recommendations. Menu Mix Marketing will work with you to create systems to easily update your food review site listings, add fresh content, and keep would-be customers aware of promotions while accurately portraying your establishment.
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Local Search Engine Marketing
Menu Mix Marketing will submit your sites to the local search engines and optimize your copy to meet the individual engine guidelines. We will also manage your paid inclusion programs on the local search engines and concentrate on your sites ROI. 
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Online Marketing Training;
Get Trained and Take Control of Online Marketing for Your Restaurant:

Online marketing is an important channel in marketing your restaurant. The level of online marketing experience within your company might vary but one thing is a guarantee: search engine marketing and optimization, social media marketing and food review site management are important for your company. The top question that is addressed by companies regarding online marketing is whether to outsource your campaigns to a third-party or to create an in-house staff to handle all campaigns. Menu Mix Marketing has a solution for you. We will work WITH you and your team to build accounts, launch the campaigns, optimize them, and teach you the industry of online marketing. When you feel that you have it within grasp, you can reap the benefits of having your own search engine marketing staff.
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